Why would I go to New Creation?

Visit us on Sunday at 9:30 a.m.  

Visit us on Sunday at 9:30 a.m.

To experience the truth about God

We are dedicated to telling the story of God as it is presented in the Bible. We will study what the Bible says, explaining even the difficult and controversial passages. We will preach the good news of Jesus Christ. We will explain how God’s grace applies to all of life and how God transforms lives by his truth.

To experience the gospel of Jesus Christ

We believe in the gospel of grace. God saves us and welcomes us into his family not based on what we DO, but based on what he has DONE for us by Jesus Christ. The gospel sets us free to live without the fear of losing God’s love and affection. His acceptance comes by his unmerited kindness to us.

To experience community

We are a church of people striving to be transparent and genuine. We want you to feel welcome and come as you are. By God’s grace, we will enter into relationship with people of different ages, stages, beliefs and backgrounds. We will be a church where people find friends and experience the love of God.

To experience relational restoration

Jesus came to seek what is lost and to fix what is broken. The gospel of grace leads to restored relationship with God, others and our world. We will demonstrate how the gospel allows us to forgive and grant mercy. We believe marriages, families and relationships are made stronger by God.

To experience worship in spirit and truth

We are created to worship. We all devote our time, energy and resources to something. When we love something more than God, that thing can become the thing we worship. We want to see people restored in the worship of a good and glorious God.

To experience the mission of God

We are made to be in relationship with God and to seek his good in all things. As God brings redemption to our lives, we in turn are filled with a passion to see our community experience redemption. We are on a mission to bring God’s restoration to individuals, families and our community.