What is Worship Like at New Creation? 

Simple in form. Deep in meaning.

Simple in form. Deep in meaning.

A typical service at New Creation looks like this:

Call to worship--God invites us into his presence as a community

Greeting--People welcome each other into worship and share the love of God

Songs of praise--We respond with joy because God is good all the time

Liturgy--Some weeks we confess our shortcomings and remember that God finds favor with flawed and fallen people. Some weeks we confess our faith in who God is and what he does. At other times, we give thanks. There are also weeks when one of our leaders will cry out to God on behalf of our community, city and the world.

Preaching--We study the Bible and explore God's message to us. This is an age-old message that we put in modern terms using stories and illustrations that apply to us in everyday lives. It's serious business but we like to have some laughs too.

Lord's Supper--Twice a month, we celebrate a meal that symbolizes the work that Jesus did to restore relationship between us and God.

Simple. Thoughtful. Engaging.


Our services aren't elaborate. Our talented musicians play guitars, percussion and piano. We sing songs that are old classics and new choruses. Our leaders try to avoid speaking "Christianese" so that what we do makes sense even if you've never walked through the doors of a church. 


We choose worship elements that can bring us deeper into God's story. It's our goal to select songs that reflect upon the beauty and glory of God and the riches of his love and mercy for us. Our worship includes various types of liturgy (that's a church-y word that refers to ceremonial expressions of adoration to God.) Music is a vital part of our time together but we also participate in other forms of engagement that help us consider who God is and what role he plays in our lives and this world. 


Those who lead us in worship are not performing, but rather, inviting others to be instruments of praise. The word worship means to "bow down" before God. It is an act of devotion. That devotion carries into everyday life. We want to involve people in various aspects of worship because what we do together on Sunday is a rehearsal of how we are meant to delight in God's goodness each day.