New Creation Staff

The Moore Family: Jason, Tiffany, McKenzie, Eliza, Izzy

The Moore Family: Jason, Tiffany, McKenzie, Eliza, Izzy

Position: Lead Pastor


Education: Master of Divinity, 

Covenant Theological Seminary, May 2007


Jason Moore, Pastor

Jason and his family moved to Wentzville in 2009 to start New Creation Church. Although Jason and Tiffany have lived in or visited other areas of the country, their hearts belong to MO. Both Tiffany and Jason grew up in small, Missouri towns. They enjoy living in a smaller city like Wentzville where people can know their neighbors and be part of a community. Jason graduated from Covenant Seminary in 2007 and has been in vocational ministry for 15+ years. Tiffany has a counseling degree from Covenant Seminary. She currently works as a parent educator for the WSD.

Jason and Tiffany came to Wentzville with a desire to cultivate a church culture of compassion and mercy. Their story has been shaped by the kindness and forgiveness that God offers. Tiffany and Jason have seen firsthand how God can make all things new. They talk openly about how God continues to bring restoration where there is personal, mental, emotional, spiritual and relational brokenness. God has called Jason and his family to extend encouragement and empathy to those who are hurting, weary and lonely.

Tiffany and Jason met in 2001 and married in 2001. They may hold the world record for shortest engagement ever. :) In 2004, Tiffany gave birth to the first of three daughters. McKenzie (the oldest) is in high school and Eliza and Izzy will soon be in middle school. The girls stay busy with basketball, art, photography, cooking, tumbling, being American Ninja Warriors and nonsense of various kinds. Tiffany and the girls like to do “girly” things sometimes. Poor pastor Jason had to get a male dog (Zander) to keep him company.

Jason is an avid fisherman, a Cardinals fan and a fantasy football champion. He likes to run, shoot hoops with the girls and stuff meat and cheese inside of burgers. (Order the gyro burger. You’ll love it!) Before God called him into ministry, Jason worked in television production. Feel free to ask him what he’s “binge-watching” but don’t let him start quoting from The Office or Seinfeld!

Tiffany loves the outdoors and wants to visit all of America’s national parks. She likes the mountains but prefers the beach. Tiffany is glad when she has time to sit in the sun, take walks with the dog, talk with friends, put together a puzzle or kick back with a good book (and maybe a glass of Moscato.)

The Moores hope that God will make his grace known through their family and the New Creation family.

Loren & Tracy Bell, Aaron, Stephen & Hannah

Loren & Tracy Bell, Aaron, Stephen & Hannah

Jen & Luke Calvin, Grey & Reece

Jen & Luke Calvin, Grey & Reece


Loren Bell is the Assistant Pastor at New Creation Presbyterian Church in Wentzville, MO.  He also also directs Youth, Children, and Families Ministries. He loves teaching kids about Jesus Christ, and seeks to inspire them to become His followers and equip them to build for His Kingdom, both now and for the rest of their lives. Loren is married to Tracy, and has four beautiful kids. He enjoys all kinds of outdoor activities, including hiking, backpacking, boating, fishing and camping



Jen and I joined New Creation in the summer of 2014, when Jason asked us to consider leading worship for the church.  Jason and I have been friends since going through seminary together, and Tiffany and Jen have been friends since their days of working at Missouri Baptist Children’s Home together.  Joining NCPC and moving out to Wentzville is actually the culmination of a 5-year long process of dreaming together and waiting on, and hoping for, the Lord to fulfill that dream.  

Aside from leading worship for New Creation, I am also a counselor with New Hope Counseling Services.  The roles of counselor and a worship leader actually fit together better than I ever realized.  In both my work as a counselor, as well as my work as a worship leader, my hope is that a person’s heart and mind can begin to get on the same page in order to be moved, shaped, healed, and led by the gospel of grace.  It is a joy and a privilege to worship with the people of New Creation Church.

Jen and I have two boys:  Grey and Reese.  They are a devastating delight to me. Our family loves to watch movies together, and play board games (if you’re ever in the mood for a round of Settlers of Catan or Ticket to Ride, let us know).  When I get some time to myself, I love to read (I’m on a graphic novel kick right now), watch “The Walking Dead, “ and talk life and culture over a good beer.  


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