Frequently Asked Questions


What is our worship style?

Our worship style is blended between traditional and contemporary elements. We will tap into ancient Church traditions by singing old songs with new tunes and using historic creeds and confessions. We will tap into the contemporary Church by singing new songs, using various instruments, utilizing technology, and speaking the truth in words and stories that match our modern context. Our worship will be simple in form, but rich in content. People from all different backgrounds should be able to find a home at New Creation.

What should I wear?

Whether you prefer a t-shirt and jeans or suit and tie, you will fit in at New Creation. We believe our dress should be respectful and honoring of God and his church. But, we are not in the business of trying to impress people with our clothing. We want people to come as they are without fear of being defined by what they wear.

What about my kids?

Children are a vital part of our church community. During our worship service, we offer a "cry room," nursery and classes for younger children (preschool-5th grade.) We encourage older children to be involved in our services so they can engage in discussion with their parents and others.

What are our sermons like?

Our sermons are biblically based. We believe the Bible is the account of who God is, what God has said, what God has done and continues to do. The central story of the Bible is the gospel of Jesus Christ. This good news about what Jesus has done for us is transformational and applies to all areas of our lives. Our sermons are full of explanations, stories, and culturally relevant illustrations that help us see how the ancient hope of Jesus Christ applies to our current reality. Even if you are not a “church person” you will be able to understand our sermons and be engaged by them. In our sermons, we are careful to examine the claims of Christianity. We are also careful not to use Christian language that will alienate people who have not grown up in the church. Theological terms can be like another language. We will try to avoid speaking “Christianese” by explaining things well and defining our terms. At times, we will have opportunity for Q & A sessions after our church services.

What does your church believe?

New Creation is a congregation of the Presbyterian Church in America, one of the fastest growing denominations in the United States. We are a denomination that is both conservative and progressive. Theologically, we are conservative, committed to the full authority of the Bible, believing in the historic doctrines of the Christian faith, and affirming that salvation is offered to all people by grace through faith in Christ. At the same time, we are progressive in that we are eager to share the good news of life in Christ, make disciples, and apply the truths of the Bible to both personal and social issues in creative ways. We are a church that is dedicated to engaging our culture and enjoying God’s good creation. We do not want to isolate ourselves from the world, but rather be involved in it.

Location and time

In December of 2018, we moved into our new facility located at 5 West Pearce in historic downtown Wentzville. Need a map?

Our worship services are held on Sunday mornings at 10:30 am. Sunday School is available before the service at 9:30am.