What Are New Creation's Core Commitments?


In the Bible, the Greek word charis (grace) refers to favor that is freely given. The love and kindness of God are not given to a person because they are good enough or have performed well. Favor and forgiveness are gifts from a God of compassion and mercy. We are committed to exploring how grace can set us free from fear, shame and a never-ending need for approval. We are also committed to being a gracious and empathetic community where people are able to be honest and vulnerable about their spiritual, mental, emotional and relational struggles. The apostle Paul says, “by grace you are saved.” U2 reminds us, “Grace, she takes the blame, she covers the shame, removes the stain.”


Something amazing happens when people see who we truly are and love us anyway. That’s what we try to do at New Creation. We all long to belong. We want to know and be known. Love and be loved. That’s because God is a relational being who made us to be like him. We are made to live in community. Face-to-face and side-by-side community. New Creation strives to be a church that is welcoming and hospitable. We recognize the importance of friendship in an age of loneliness. We also see relationship as a vehicle for change. So, we emphasize connection with God and prioritize connection with one another.


Worship services can seem sort of weird. People don’t often get together to sing, recite prayers, read a book and listen to a 30-minute speech. Worship is bigger than a Sunday morning service. And, worship is an everyday reality. To worship someone or something means you devote yourself. We all devote our time, resources, abilities and energy to whatever so that we might experience love, joy, hope, happiness, peace or some sort of satisfaction. You may not be “religious” but we are all worshippers. We need to worship the right One in a good way. We gather at New Creation as a community to rehearse everyday worship so we can daily show our affection to a God who shares his goodness.


Life is complex and can get complicated. When you can’t get over your past…don’t know what to do in the present…worry about what might happen in the future…you need wisdom. Whether you are walking with your teenager through a crisis, working to fix a broken relationship, wanting proper perspective during a time of doubt and disappointment or just wondering what in the world is going on with this world…well, God teaches us what is right, good and true. There is a lot of confusion out there…there are a lot of counterfeit belief systems. Thankfully, we don’t have to muddle through the messiness with only our thoughts and feelings to guide us. God has spoken. He has made himself known. He reveals who he is, who we are and how all the pieces fit together. We preach and teach Biblical truth.


Lots of companies and organizations have mission statements. Part of the reason the church is called New Creation is because of a mission statement in the Bible. Jesus once said, “Behold, I am making all things new.” The mission of God is to restore shalom (peace) to his creation. Evil invaded the world and threw things into chaos. Now, there is death, mourning, crying and pain…confusion and fear. Because of the distance between us and God. Jesus promises to dwell with us and to wipe away the tears. The mission of God includes reconciliation and restoration. Shalom is harmony with God and human flourishing. Now and forever. God calls people to spread his goodness and glory throughout this world. He invites us to glorify and enjoy him forever. No matter how far gone you feel…how much ruin there may seem to be…God is actively changing hearts and transforming people. We see glimpses of God where beauty is being renewed. We can have the joy of joining Jesus as he “makes all things new.”