What Are New Creation's Core Values?



Why do we need community? We are made to know God, to be known by him, and to know each other. We need a safe place to pursue God.  This is done in community.  In community, we can ask our questions, walk through life’s trials, encourage one another, celebrate triumphs, and laugh and cry with one another.  At NCPC we long to experience a safe place to share our lives, where we can honestly pursue God and one another.


What is worship? What should it look it like? To worship means to “bow down.” To bend the knee in submission to one who is greater than us and worthy of praise. We will always worship something whether it's God, money, fame, family, work, the good life, etc… because that is in our internal wiring At NCPC, we want to pursue God and worship Him alone. We strive to be a church, where Sunday mornings can be a safe place to experience and discover what it means to worship. But we also want to equip people to worship the rest of the week. Worship is not just a Sunday morning thing but it is all of life. Our whole life should be spent trying to honor God in all that we do.


What is truth? How does it change the way we live? We are made to know the truth about God and ourselves. We live in a reality warped by sin. We encounter lies, half-truth and counterfeits.  We are uncertain of things in this life and ask questions like: what is the meaning of life, how do I raise my kids, what’s the point of my job, or why do I feel so alone? God reveals what is right and good and in His truth we can begin to answer these questions. NCPC seeks to be a safe place to pursue the truth and to seek out God as we look for answers to our questions. But, truth that does not transform is of little value so we long to pursue truth that affects our everyday lives for our good and God’s glory.


What is God’s mission for humanity? The chief purpose of humanity is to glorify God and enjoy him forever. When sin first entered the world, our mission was obscured. God’s mission is to rescue and restore his good creation. That mission includes saving lost sinners who rebel against their maker. Christ came into the world to lay down his life for those who don’t deserve it and cannot earn it.  Followers of Christ are given the opportunity to join Christ in his mission to make “all things new.” This means that the church is called to be a source of justice, grace, beauty and love in a world that is full of injustice, brutality, ugliness and hate. We are called to make the good things of God known in the world in order that the world might be reconciled to its Maker.  NCPC wants to be a safe place where people can discover their purpose and find hope in Christ.


What is grace? Why do we need it to be safe? Grace is the unmerited favor of God. Grace is the kindness and steadfast love of God poured out on people who are natural-born rebels against him. This grace makes it safe for us to come before God without fear. It also allows us to enter community and relationship. We can safely pursue God because of His grace to us. NCPC seeks to be a church that exudes this grace in everything that it does, making it safe for all people to come and pursue after God.


What is restoration? What parts of us need to be restored? We are broken in every part of our being. Our minds, our hearts, and our souls are all broken. We’ve all suffered loss. We’ve all caused suffering to others.  We know that things are not the way they are supposed be.  Thankfully, God addresses the brokenness by sending Jesus into the world to restore humanity to the image of God and to restore the creation that was broken by sin.  We are not just a church who waits for God to restore us and his creation, but we seek to pursue restoration now.  There is still beauty, truth and reason to celebrate in this life for we are all “glorious ruins.” NCPC longs to pursue God and seek his restoration even now as we wait for the full restoration that will come when Jesus Christ returns. We do so in the safety of God’s love and in the comfort of the community.


What is my purpose in life? What am I called to do? God calls us to himself that we might glorify and enjoy him forever. He gives to each of us gifts to use in his name. God’s people are called to use their minds, bodies, abilities, finances and time for his purposes. NCPC desires to be a safe place where we can pursue God and his calling in our lives. Together we can live out our callings. We can use the good gifts we’ve been given for the sake of God’s kingdom rather than using what we have to build our own little empires.


Why do I long for relationship? How do I make my relationships better? Good, gospel-centered relationships can be a source of hope and healing. We are made to experience intimacy and steadfast love. NCPC seeks to be a safe place to pursue relationships that meet our need for intimacy both with God and with other. Part of our mission is to be a safe place for people to find trusted friends who remind us of God’s deep love for us.